Figueres We went to Figueres to visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum. Here is the back entrance. The Dalí Theatre-Museum has to be seen as a whole, as the great work of Salvador Dalí, since it was conceived of and designed by the artist in order to offer visitors a genuine experience that would take them into his entrancing and unique world. Figueres is located two hours by train North of Barcelona.

Figueres The Mae West room.

Figueres The Dalí Theatre-Museum, the largest surrealistic object in the world, occupies the building of the former Municipal Theatre, a 19th century construction which was destroyed at the end of the Spanish Civil War. On its ruins, Dalí decided to create his museum.

Figueres Figueres - Dali's Reflexion

Figueres The parish church where Dalí was baptized in 1904

Figueres The Museum's central patio

Figueres The "car-naval" in the Museum's central patio.
Visitors are welcomed by a well-chromed 1941 black Cadillac with a white convertible top - blaring out opera music from the car's gearbox and differential unit - parked at the center of a round interior patio.

Figueres Museum's central patio

Figueres Gala Nude Watching the Sea which, at a Distance of 20 meters, Turns Into the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln (Hommage to Rothko)

Figueres Figueres - Dalí Theatre-Museum

Figueres Figueres - Dalí Theatre-Museum

Figueres "Mae West's face which may be used as a Surrealist Apartment."

Figueres Figueres - Dalí Theatre-Museum - The mainyard

Figueres Palace of the Wind's bedroom

Figueres Figueres - Dalí Theatre-Museum

Figueres Figueres - Dalí Theatre-Museum